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Hi everyone. Just wanted to update you on how my classes went this week. I'm have an hour before I have to catch my last class of the week, so I thought now might be a good time!

So, needless to say, I SURVIVED my first week of classes. I more than survived. I ENJOYED it. It's a bitch driving to my school, and it's a bitch to find a parking spot, but I've gone to every class this week, got in some really decent walks (which is why I can't complain about not being able to find a spot - it gives me a chance to get in a walk every day I'm here). I've talked to a few people, and I'm possibly not as stupid as I thought I was.

I love my teachers, which makes it so much easier to not pay attention to the other students in the room and worry about what they think about me. My English teacher is fucking hilarious (too bad her audience kind of sucks, she really is funny, but no one laughs at her jokes except me. But then again they are all 18-19 years old). We got to sample five wines in my Wine Appreciation class and I actually found a couple that I somewhat enjoyed. Next week, we're going to a vineyard to take a tour and do a wine tasting, at no cost to myself except gas to get there, which is awesome. It's honestly been such a nice, easy week and I'm good on where all of my classes are, and since I have to walk so far all the time, I've been paying attention to where OTHER things are so I won't be so anxious in the future.

On Tuesday after my first class of the day, I walked out and Kevin was standing by the door waiting for me. I was SO happy to see him; it was like the cherry on top. He got out of class really early that day, so he decided to greet me and walk me to my car before he caught the bus to go home. Seriously so sweet, made my day.

Yesterday I didn't have school. Kevin got home around 3pm from school and didn't have to work, so we decided to go out to dinner to celebrate the bills being paid. And because we literally never go to a sit down restaurant, so it was supposed to be like a date night. The place we wanted to go to had an hour wait, which I'm not willing to suffer through on a Wednesday night. Then we went to a Mexican restaurant, and 7 minutes later no server had come to our table so we sneaked out the back door (we hadn't ordered anything). Which was okay because nothing on the menu looked particularly appetizing. About an hour and a half later, we finally ended up at this Japanese restaurant called Kanki. Unfortunately it was 8:35 when we sat down and they closed at 9:30. So we pretty much had time to sit down, find what alcohol we wanted, take forever to find out what food we wanted, and then the chef did the little performance thingy at the grill on our table, and then it was 9:30, everyone was out of the restaurant and they were closing. We barely got a minute alone and the meal ended up being $102 with the tip included (3 sushi rolls, 2 piña coladas, and hibachi beef/chicken, which we didn't even eat since we were full off the sushi). I was really disappointed that we spent SO. MUCH. money on one meal and we didn't even get to enjoy it. It was hard not to voice my disappointment. I think Kevin was kind of let down as well since we've been talking about doing this forever and then we barely even got to talk to each other, but he was the one who said yes to sitting at a table with a grill, so meh. Oh well. We are going to do lunch and a movie next Friday since it's payday and he took the day off and neither of us have school.

Anyway, I do have a few photos. I'm sorry they're so huge for you PC viewers, but I'm not sure how to resize them from the app, and the photos are from my phone, but here we go.

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May 21st until June 24th.

One month and 3 days.


Longest. Period. EVER.

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Hi everyone. It's been a minute since I last updated. I still log on every day or every other day (...or every few days.....) and read posts but I feel like no one ever comments/reads my stuff so there's little motivation to actually put anything down in here. BUT I know I'm not great at commenting either so I'm not mad about it!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving (to those who celebrate)? Mine was alright. My mom is a terrible cook so the food was all under seasoned and the turkey was really dry. She thinks she's a great cook but just...no. When I moved out of here a few years ago and moved in with my dad, we used to go to really nice restaurants with the family. So I guess that helped me realize what good cooking is and it sure isn't the shit that my mom puts on a plate.

The company wasn't great either. It was all my stepdad's family and for the most part I can't stand them. They're all old and redneck-y. But not in a trashy way? In a "the answer to 2+2 doesn't matter because I can fix my car" kind of way. They're all just so fucking stupid. And my aunt constantly calls our female dog a he and our male dogs she's. We correct her every time but she still does it because she's so fucking scatterbrained and annoying. I miss my dad's side of the family.

Also my stepbrother and his fiancé were here and I fucking hate them. They were on their phones THE WHOLE TIME we were eating dinner. And then after dinner, my brother sprawled out on one couch and his fiancé on the other. Everyone else had to sit at the table so those shitheads could be comfortable. My stepdad's mom tried to sit on the end of the couch but the fiancé was laying down so my grandma ended up being squished at the end. Like seriously fuck you. She's like 300 years old. Let her sit without her fucking knees squished together and shit.

So yeah Kevin and I didn't stay out there for long because I couldn't stand to look at those assholes all laid out on the couch like it's their fucking house. We eventually left to go Black Friday shopping which we do every year. We went to target first which was crazy. The line to get in the store was wrapped around the side of the building and into the parking lot. It went really quickly though. We were probably only in line for 10 minutes if that. Then we had lots of fun shopping. Then the line to check out was insaaaane. stood in line for 30-40 minutes. The line was so long it went into the aisles. But it moved relatively quickly so that was good.

After target we went to Ulta. My favorite store. A makeup/hair/overall beauty store for those who don't know. They sell drugstore and high end makeup as well as a lot of other things. Had fun there but the line to check out seriously took AN HOUR to get through. They only had 3 people working the registers!!! Like wtf. There's FIVE registers and only 3 were working. I texted my friend who is the prestige (high end makeup side) manager and she said that's what corporate told them to do. Sooo crazy. The line wrapped around the whole store! very annoying.

I want to make a promise to myself to never bail on my kids (unless there's an emergency or something in which case I will make it up to them). My mom does this every fucking time. SHE invites ME somewhere, gets me all pumped up and excited, and then the day rolls around and she cancels. It's so annoying and she's done this to me my whole life. She'll suggest something and then back track, or keep me pumped up the whole time and cancel on the day that we agreed on. She told me a week ago she wanted to get up bright and early on Black Friday and go to Belk with me. Okay awesome! We'll shop for our husbands, sounds so fun right?! And then she said we'd get some breakfast after. Yay, can't wait! We never get quality time because SHE ALWAYS FUCKING CANCELS. So I even told her as late as yesterday that we didn't have to do this but she goes "No way, I'm so excited!" Okay great! It's really happening then, awesome! Well it's 7:30am right now. I expected to leave around now or even earlier. I just asked her when we were going. In a very bitchy tone: "I'm not going anywhere right now. I have a headache." Really? A headache??? Take some Advil and get in the car bitch. It's Black Friday. This happens ONCE A YEAR. And I really don't want to roll in there at 3:00pm when all they have left is a pen that lights up or some shit. Ughhhh. I'm 22 and she's always been like this so I guess I should be used to it but idk. It's annoying :/

I guess that's all. Bye guys.

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So if you aren't added to my facebook, you might not know that Kevin and I decided to take a weekend trip to Gatlinburg, TN. And it's really beautiful here and busy and I'm really enjoying it. Here's some pictures, not all of which have been posted on facebook/Instagram.
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Also, this has not been announced anywhere but we are trying to rescue a kitten who we've already named Reggie. We're hopefully picking him up when we get back on Tuesday!

Here he is!

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Kevin and I are getting married on Friday and I think I'm going to die. I'm a huge ball of nerves, sooo so anxious and antsy. I've been blowing up on people left and right. I'm running on borrowed patience!

And you know what the worst fucking question to ask a bride is? "Have you figured out ______?"


I'm only planning for like 20 people! And I'm this stressed! This shit is real. I finally wrote my vows yesterday so that's good. After the wedding I will post our vows here if you all want to see them! We're getting married on Friday and then that night my mom and aunt booked a hotel for us to stay at for the weekend. That'll be nice! The whole event should be nice, I'm just so nervous about how it's all going to work. It's weird, I'm more nervous about the wedding than I am about getting married. Is that normal?!

Tomorrow I have a final exam which I'm dying over. Seriously what a terrible week to have a final, didn't my teacher take into account that I'm getting married on Friday?! Just kidding but it really is awful. I'm sure I'm going to mess up because I'm a big bundle of nervessssss oh well.

I literally can't put together any more thoughts but I needed to get out some energy and craziness before bed. Love you guyssss <3

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So, Kevin is lonely these days because he basically only has me to talk to. So I told him he should make an LJ and post around here, because my online friends are totally my rock. So he did and you all should add him and love him :D altezio13

Things have been going okay. I am really overwhelmed by school and wedding planning. We are getting married on April 4th and trying to get everything together has just been really overwhelming. The catering situation has been a nightmare. No one actually wants to communicate these days. Kevin had to call this one place NINE TIMES! before someone talked to him. Only to tell him they were booked. It's like no one wants my business? But I think I finally found a good place anddd I'm just hoping it works out. I'm waiting for the guy to email me with a quote. If it's reasonable then I'll book with him.

As far as school goes, just ugh. I think it's absolutely stupid that they just throw you into everything. We've been on the salon floor for 3 weeks. In those three weeks, I've had ONE! client. And all it was was a shampoo and then I sat her under the blow dryer, and she was a total bitch to me. She literally grabbed the comb out of my hand because I wasn't pulling her hair hard enough and she wanted it to go? Last time she was at the school, someone gave her braids and then her hair ended up breaking off because they were too tight so she had to shave her head and start from scratch. So then she tells me that I'm not pulling her hair hard enough and she wants it to grow? Um, so what happened the last time someone pulled your hair hard? It broke off. NO SHIT!

Anyway. Other than her, that's been it. So the secretary approached me the other day and asked if I've had a client this week and I said no. She then told me that she had a RELAXER for me. Are you fucking kidding? I haven't even done a fucking haircut and you're giving me a relaxer? For those who don't know, relaxers are a pretty serious chemical service. It breaks down the disulphide bonds in your hair so that you can straighten it, and then you put another thing on it (neutralizer) to harden those bonds back up so that the hair is now straight. It's very serious, very scary, it'll burn your scalp if you get it on there... It's incredibly intimidating, and I really don't think that a brand fucking new person needs to be doing it by herself. My teacher came up to me and told me basically that she'd be around and to just call her if I needed anything. But then she was cutting a girl's hair, not to mention there's 40 of us on the floor and one of her. So how reliable are you, really? I refused the service because I didn't feel ready to do it so they sent me home. Erghhhh. All I wanted was the teacher to do it WITH me, but that's impossible with how many people are on the floor. Soo whatever.

Today I'm bringing my best friend Alyssa into the salon. I'm going to give her a manicure, haircut, and facial and then my classmate is going to thread her eyebrows. She should be looking fabulous by the end.

Anyyyyway thank you all for the congrats on my last post! It seems forever away until you actually think about it D: my family is coming down for the day so that'll be crazy. My sister and my mother do not talk anymore and this will be the first time they see each other, so I hope it goes okay. I guess that's all though, bye people :)